Gardening Tools – Choose the Right Gardening Tool For Your gardening Season

Gardening tools are essential gardening tools purchased both for professional gardening as well as for the do-it-yourself gardener or the individual interested in gardening as a hobby. A gardening tool is anyone among the multitude of gardening tools designed specifically for gardening and includes the likes of spade, hoe, rake, and shovel. Garden tools are further split into power tools and hand tools.

Essential Tools

A spade is one of the more common gardening tools found in every household. A spade is a digging tool used to dig up dirt. The spade may be made of metal, plastic, stone or any other material; however, the most common material used by spades is metal. The spade is one of the most versatile gardening tools for the reason that it can perform several different functions such as digging, planting, and harvesting.

One of the other gardening tools used regularly is the pruner. The pruner is a spade that has a pruning fork attached to its side for hand-held pruning. Pruners have both teeth and a hook to help in “shaving” off unwanted leaves from a plant.

Gardeners are probably most familiar with the tools used for gardening. These include garden hoes and spades. Garden hoes are useful for raking up fallen leaves from gardens or lawns. Garden hoses come in a variety of sizes and shapes including those with two handles, those with three, those with four, and those with more than one handle. Garden spades are used to dig up and plant-soil and are also known as cultivators. Some garden tools such as the push broom are considered gardening tools for hire, while other tools such as weed whackers and hand knives are considered gardening tools for home use.

A great addition to any garden is gloves. Gloves are helpful for gardening tools, for they are designed to protect the hands from the blades of plants and other gardening tools. Gardening tools usually have a wooden handle with a finger guard attached to it. Garden gloves are made of thick leather, durable material to provide complete protection for the hands from injuries.

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Other Types of Tools

For those who simply love growing plants, there is another type of gardening tools – seed catalogues. Catalogues give the gardener complete information on what to grow in every type of weather and at what time. This valuable piece of equipment includes information on weather patterns, planting time and soil types. Some of the items available are for perennials, annuals, bulbs, vegetables, shrubs and trees. Some of the catalogues also feature alternative plantings that give gardening tools a wider variety to choose from.

Among gardening tools for home use rakes, spades and shovels. These tools are used to dig up and gather the soil and make it into a proper soil structure for planting. Rakes are used to turning over the soil, loosen it and collect it into a pile. In this process, it becomes easier for the gardeners to move the soil later on. Spades are used to plant seeds in the soil. The size of the spade determines how much dirt it will be able to dig up and the depth of digging.

The other tools used in gardening are the pitchfork, a trowel and a compost tumbler. All these gardening tools are important in the maintenance of a garden. These tools help in getting rid of large amounts of soil in short periods, make fertilizers, aerate and clean the plants and allow the gardener to enjoy his hobby.

Weeding Tools

When it comes to gardening tools for home use, weeding tools are very useful. A weeding tool is one of the most essential gardening tools as it is what helps the gardener in getting rid of weeds and unwanted plants in the garden. The weeding fork is a common gardening tool used by most gardeners. It is a digging fork that has a spading fork attached to it. The spading fork allows the gardener to dig holes in the ground and dig out weeds that have been buried under the soil.

Gardening shovels are also used by gardeners. They can be rented or purchased. Some of the gardening shovels have both hands, while others are operated with one hand. Hand shovels are suitable for smaller gardens while larger gardens require using two-hand shovels. Gardeners also use larger shovels when they tend to do a lot of growing season.

A shovel can also be called a digger or a trowel. It is a tool used for landscaping and gardening. If you are planning to buy a shovel, go for a durable piece that is made from steel. You can also choose from various types of shovels; choose between a shovel with a handle and one without a handle. If you prefer to do the gardening job by yourself, you can make use of a metal digging tool that is easier to use and does not need any additional attachments.